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Call for Systems: Open Knowledge Extraction Challenge @ ESWC 2017

From: Irini Fundulaki <fundul@ics.forth.gr>
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2017 16:17:52 +0200
To: semantic-web@w3.org
Cc: Irini Fundulaki <fundul@ics.forth.gr>
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Open Knowledge Extraction: Call for Systems
In conjunction with ESWC 2017
May 28 - June 2 2017 Portoroz, Slovenia
Website and training data:

1 Aim
The aim of this challenge is to test the performance of knowledge 
extraction systems in aspects that are relevant for the Semantic Web. 
These include precision, recall and runtime. The challenge will test the 
systems against data derived from real datasets. This year, the 
challenge will  comprise the following tasks:
* Task 1 Focused Named Entity Identification and Linking
* Task 2 Broader Named Entity Identification and Linking
* Task 3 Focused Musical  Named Entity Recognition and Linking
* Task 4 Knowledge Extraction

We herewith invite system developers to participate in the 
aforementioned tasks. The system are invited to write papers presenting 
their results on the training data (see important dates below). To 
ensure that the system results are comparable, we will provide the 
HOBBIT benchmarking platform for the generation of the final results to 
be included into the system publications. A specification of the 
hardware on which the benchmarks will be ran will be released in due 

2 Prerequisites for Participation

Each participant must:
* provide his/her solution as a docker image that abides by the technical
* specifications which will be released with the challenge

3 Prizes

The overall winner of the challenge will get a prize of at least 500€. 
Further prizes are being organized.

4 Important Dates

Release of training data and instructions:  January 13th, 2017
Paper submission deadline:                  March 10th, 2017
Challenge paper reviews:                    April 5th, 2017
Paper Notifications and invitation to task: April 7th, 2017
Beginning of benchmarking runs on platform: April 7th, 2017
Camera ready papers (5 pages document):     April 23rd, 2017

Release of evaluation results:                        June 2nd, 2017
Camera-ready challenge proceedings version:         June 30th, 2017 
Proclamation of winners:                                 June 2nd, 2017 
(ESWC 2017)
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