Re: Some minor changes on the RDFa context document

On Thursday 5. January 2017 15.51.15 Ivan Herman wrote:
> [1]

May I follow up by asking about the stability of these prefixes, and their 
appropriateness for inclusion in the following work:

I maintain a Perl module called RDF::NS::Curated:
which contains a list of commonly used prefix-URI pairs mostly derived from 
this list and some other sources. The intention is to provide stability, 
so that the prefixes can be used in code, and they will not change so that 
things break.

Would it be appropriate to include the new prefix-URI pairs in this module, 
or should I wait? 

It is also relevant to the issue that this module is a part of Debian, and 
Debian is now in "soft freeze", meaning, there's a short time-window for 
changes now. Whatever goes in now stays there for a couple of years and 
becomes a part of the stable toolchain, but no new additions go in in the 
same time frame. So, we really want to add things that are going to be 
useful right now, but shouldn't add things that are not stable.

So, what do you suggest?



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