Hi Hugh,

Dimitris and me were discussing about a service that would give you the 
DBpedia URI for any URI that you submit based on :

1. the DBpedia Linking Repo:

2. the links we found in a crawl of RDF dataset (around 14 TB )

We are still discussing two challenges:

1. cleaning of links to avoid unwanted clusters

2. DBpedia+ : new URIs for a fused LOD cloud

Overall, this could be a good collaboration, i.e. merging the services.

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On 02.02.2017 23:13, Hugh Glaser wrote:
> Hi.
> Short question:
> Do you ever use
> If so, can you drop me a line (or reply here), saying "yes"; and if you feel like it, also give me some idea what and how you use it (and even what you might like to see).
> (The machine it is on is now over 10 years old, and the maintenance ended about 7 years ago - and I am under pressure to switch it off and possibly move to a new one - so now is a good time to review the site.)
> Thanks
> Hugh

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