[CFP]☠ Call for Linked Research

Ping #SemanticWeb #WebScience #ScholarlyCommunication

If you are interested in upgrading scholarly communication to the era of
the Web, this is a call for you.

The "Call for #LinkedResearch" is an ongoing effort. It is everywhere,
it is all around us, even now at the The Web Conf 2018. You can see it
when you look at your favourite Web conferences, or you turn on your
social media. That is the sound of inevitability.

One of the next in person events will be at the #WWW2018 workshop,
Researcher Centric Scholarly Communication:


The purpose of this workshop is the mobilisation of a core group of
researchers and practitioners to investigate the core characteristics of
a minimal viable platform for scholarly communication that is
researcher-centric, interlinked, and web-native. There will be invited
talks as well as research contributions.

There is a growing list of people who agree to keep the spirit of the
Web alive in academic knowledge sharing and peer-review:


Authors of research contributions, as well as reviewers are expected to
self-publish their works on the Web, and share the URLs with the
community towards open and attributed reviews. Everything will be
accessible in full for free, and archived.

All contributions (articles and reviews) are encouraged to take part in
pioneering the Linked Open Research Cloud:


If you would like to discuss these ideas and build on them, you are
cordially invited to join the chat:



☠ We speak in *Web articles*, not "papers":


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