Re: Job opening: Director of Wisdom Retrieval in Dept. of Web Semantics

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> On 01/04/2017, Sarven Capadisli < <>> wrote:
>> [Forwarding on behalf of Dr. McLuhan of the Department of Web Semantics
>> at University of Risa]
>> ## Required Qualifications
>> In addition to the following required qualifications, candidates must
>> have 35 years of experience in Web Science or in related disciplines.
> "35 years of experience in Web Science" is rather difficult, if the
> web is younger than that does this university not know the history and
> dates of the web and there for the limits of time.
> <>
> Dave Caroline not applying for the job

A regular workday has about 8 hours. So if you work 16 hours a day, you gain 2 years of work experience in 1 calendar year.
The University of Risa is known for their though requirements.
In fact, most of their staff work in the northern hemisphere during the northern summer and in the southern hemisphere during the southern summer. This behavior is called year-lightsaving. 
Most of us are trying to cope with daylight saving... ...thats the difference...

Daniel - will also not apply for job, because I do not know all the hashtags. 
But living in summer all year long is a task I could see myself improving over the years...

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