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[CFP]☠ Call for Enabling Linked Research

From: Sarven Capadisli <info@csarven.ca>
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2016 15:05:06 +0100
To: semantic-web@w3.org
Message-ID: <e36046c0-2c59-da92-658f-3c39cfab8215@csarven.ca>
Hi #WebScience #LinkedResearch,

*This a "Web first" Call!*

If you are interested in Web Science and upgrading scholarly 
communication to the era of the Web, this is a "Call" for you:


We are going to make this work.

There is a growing list of folks who pledge to keep the spirit of the 
Web alive in academic knowledge sharing and peer-review. This call is 
intended for all of us who truly want to share our research and 
development, and to understand and enhance the possibilities of the Web 
for academia. To boldly go where no Web Scientist has gone before! Many 
of us are working on different aspects of making scholarly communication 
more accessible, so lets try to glue the pieces together.

There are no "papers" (archaic desktop or print based guidelines; no 
paper sizes, arbitrary lengths, font-sizes, languages..). There are no 
3rd party publishers.

For authors: *You*, the author is the publisher! You decide where you 
want to store and preserve your work. (At your own or institution's 
domain; Internet Archives, CEUR-WS, Zenodo and many other long-term 
storages are able to keep copies around).

For reviewers: *You* get full attribution for your contributions. You 
decide where you want to publish your feedback.

There is no hierarchy here. Everyone is welcome to peer-review! Just say 
so (if you want to be on the list) or just review and announce your 
contribution publicly.

The Call for Enabling Linked Research is an ongoing and online effort. 
However, watch the events list for upcoming opportunities to present 
your work in person. The next one (pending acceptance) is: "Enabling 
Decentralised Scholarly Communication" at WWW2017:


Resistance is futile! ;)


☠ on the Subject line of this email is a misnomer. We speak in *Web 
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