[Job Offer] Doctoral researcher (PhD student) and Post-doctoral researcher (Post-Doc) in EU Project MOVING

Knowledge Discovery deals with the content-driven identification and 
localization of digital objects such as semi-structured data on the web 
(i.e., Linked Open Data), Documents, Profiles, or Communities and 
understanding the relationships among them. It involves the design of 
innovative methodologies and algorithms and their application to 
extensive data and document corpora of different origin and quality, 
also known as Big Data.

For the EU-funded project MOVING starting in April 2016, we seek to fill 
for the Knowledge Discovery group the following two positions:

*one doctoral researcher (PhD student)*


*one Post-doctoral researcher (Post-Doc)*

The positions are time-limited to 36 months. Time-limitation is based on 
the regulations of the German WissZeitVG (Gesetz über befristete 
Arbeitsverträge in der Wissenschaft).

*Your tasks …*

  * Research and application of methods and algorithms in the area of
    Knowledge Discovery, Data Science and/or Semantic Web
  * Active participation in the EU Projekt MOVING in the area of Text
    Mining and semantic Information Retrieval

*More detailed information about the open positions can be obtained here:*

*Got interested?*
Apply now online or via email. We are looking forward receiving your 
convincing application papers. For inquiries about the open position 
please contact Prof. Dr. Ansgar Scherp (a.scherp@zbw.eu or 
asc@informatik.uni-kiel.de, Tel. +49 431 8814-443).

Please submit your convincing *online application until February 17, 
2016*. You can submit your application here (for English version click 
on the button at the top-left): 

Prof. Dr. Ansgar Scherp
ZBW - Leibniz Information Centre for Economics and Kiel University
Phone: +49 431 8814-443       Fax  : +49 431 8814-520
Mail : asc@informatik.uni-kiel.de
WWW: http://kd.informatik.uni-kiel.de/

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