Real Federated SPARQL Queries Required and Possible Collaboration

Dear all,

Do you have federated SPARQL queries you use today or have used in the past?

Please e-mail them to us (via, as text files or
in any way you prefer, together with the URLs of the endpoints on which
you’ve executed them.

Motivated by FEASIBLE [1] SPARQL benchmark generation framework, we want to
design a customizable (in terms of queries types, number of queries, number
of datasets etc.) federated SPARQL benchmark out of real queries
log/use-cases. To this end, we are currently collecting real federated
SPARQL queries from different domains, applications, and endpoints for

Your help in this endeavour would be highly appreciated.

We'll be more than happy to collaborate and/or provide you with the
detailed results of the study if you contribute.

Your federated queries will also be published as RDF as part of the
extended LSQ: The Linked SPARQL Queries Dataset [2,3].

Best Regards,

Muhammad Saleem

Ruben Verborgh

Claus Stadler

Miel Vander Sande

Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo

Carlos Buil Aranda



Received on Monday, 19 December 2016 20:34:44 UTC