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[CfP] 1st International Workshop on Linked Data and Distributed Ledgers @ WWW2017

From: Luis-Daniel Ibáñez <L.D.Ibanez@soton.ac.uk>
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2016 09:21:00 +0000
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LD-DL 2017
The 1st International Workshop on Linked Data and Distributed Ledgers.

A workshop of WWW 2017 (The 26th International World Wide Web Conference)
Perth, Australia, April 3-7, 2017

Distributed Ledgers (DLs) have emerged as a novel way to manage and 
exchange different types of digital assets among a large number of 
agents operating in a decentralised way. Existing DL platforms are 
driven by use cases from different user communities. Each community has 
its own requirements regarding the level of decentralisation, privacy, 
and identity management that the ledger would need to offer. To allow 
for these developments to be applicable to a wider, and more complex 
range of applications, they will need to be able to interoperate, both 
with existing distributed systems and databases technologies, and among 
each other. This has motivated researchers and practitioners to look at 
approaches such as Linked Data, which relies on core Web principles and 
standards such as URIs, HTTP, JSON-LD, RDF, and SPARQL.

We envision the workshop as a forum for researchers and practitioners 
from Distributed Ledgers and Linked Data to come together to discuss 
common challenges; propose solutions to shortcomings of existing 
architectures; and identify synergies for joint initiatives. The 
ultimate goal is the creation of a Web of Interoperable Ledgers.

We invite original research submissions addressing any of the following 
two broad themes:

Linked Data for Distributed Ledgers:

Vision, insight and research on how to use Linked Data and Web 
technologies to enhance Distributed Ledgers, including but not limited to:

• Architectures and protocols for DL interoperability
• Architectures and protocols for interoperability between DLs and other 
Web components and architectures (non-ledger based web services, web 
databases, etc)
• Extensions of web data models and formats to accommodate Distributed 
Ledgers (JSON, HTTP, HTML, RDF, etc)
• Languages and query engines for Distributed Ledgers
• Privacy considerations of interoperating Distributed Ledgers

Distributed Ledgers for Linked Data:

Vision, insight and research on how to use DLs to enhance Linked Data 
and Web applications, including, but not limited to:

• Decentralisation and disintermediation of web-based architectures.
• Distributed management of identity and online identity.
• Distributed Ledger backing of general Linked Data processes: vocabulary
and dataset evolution, entity naming and re-naming, etc.
• DLs for Web and Linked Data provenance.
• DL-backing of Web signatures
• Digital rights management and enforcing

LD-DL accepts submissions of up to 5 pages (plus one only for 
references, for a total of 6) formatted in the ACM SIG Proceedings 
template. Comprehensive submission instructions can be found at 

Submission Deadline: 7 Jan 2017 (23:59 AWST - Australian Western 
Standard Time)
Notification of Acceptance: 31 Jan 2017
Final Camera Ready Submission Deadline: 14 Feb 2017 (Hard Deadline)


Elena Simperl (ECS - University of Southampton)
John Domingue (Knowledge Media Institute - Open University)
Fabien Gandon (Université Côte d’Azur, Inria, CNRS, I3S)
Luis-Daniel Ibáñez (ECS - University of Southampton)

Dr. Luis-Daniel Ibáñez
Research Fellow
Web and Internet Science Group
University of Southampton
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