RE: RDB structure to RDF mapping

I’m not aware of any specific ontologies: just metamodels (for example the Common Warehouse Metamodel [1]) that allow you to manage this sort of thing.

You should be aware that, if you’re trying to represent real world databases, the situation can get complex since a Key may consist of many Columns. And the same Column may be part of many Foreign Keys and also part of the Primary Key.
In summary a Table may contain many Foreign Keys, each of which consists of many Columns: one for each Column in the Primary Key of the referenced Table (the Columns may have different names).

So in your graph the link between 2 tables could in the general case be a set of pairs of columns.
Also you need to allow for loops – a Foreign Key could reference the Primary Key of the same Table.

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Subject: RDB structure to RDF mapping

Hi everyone,
I want to formalize in RDF the table structure of a relational database. What I would like to do is to formalize the links that exists between all the tables inside a given relational database. This would result in a graph where the nodes are the tables and the links are the columns that can be used to join these tables.

My question is: is there some standard/ontology to describe this?

To my understanding the R2RML<> ontology is to describe mappings between RDB and RDF (no RDB structure is mentioned). I also found a document about direct mapping<> but no ontology is defined in this document.

Thank you for your help.

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