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> On 13 May 2015, at 08:14, wrote:
> Sorry for resurrecting old threads but this discussion sort of prompted me
> to work on the topic of "deterministic naming of blank nodes" and I
> thought that it might be time (six months or so later) to report back on
> some findings.
> The result is the paper here:
> Aidan Hogan. "Skolemising Blank Nodes while Preserving Isomorphism". In
> WWW, Florence, Italy, May 18–22, 2015 (to appear).
> Available from: [snip]

Great news!

In your article you two main use cases for this algorithm

1. checking the isomorphism of RDF graphs or identifying groups of isomorphic RDF graphs from a large collection without requiring pair-wise isomorphism checks; 
2. Skolemising RDF graphs such that the output graphs are equal if and only if the input graphs are isomorphic

Would this not also allow the creation of a very simple UPDATE language to allow a client to make a change to a graph on the server?  One could imagine a SPARQL Update with a new mime type that would allow the client to use this in a PATCH request (  as sepecified in the LDP specification ). One could take a simple subset of SPARQL PATCH and give it a variant mime type for the server to indicate its ability to support such requests.

It would be nice if one could also use the calculation to create stable representations of rdf on disc - so that diffs between two versions can easily be found in say a git diff command. ( Even nicer if one could write it out in a human readable for such as turtle, but I don't expect that much )


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