Re: Test of Independent Invention: RDF

On 03/05/2015 03:38, Harry Halpin wrote:
> The reason why Semantic Web stuff
> doesn't scale in most real-world apps would be that you would
> basically need a Google-style infrastructure.

You might want to watch work by Ruben Verborgh, et al, on Linked Data Fragments 
for an alternative approach...

> and the reason we are
> seeing JSON take off (rather than RDF) as the lingua franca of the
> Web: array-values pairs map well to hash tables and what programming
> languages actually do.

And yet we have JSON-LD which can map JSON structures to a graph.  My own work 
(-in-progress) is using JSON as a basic implementation structure, but aiming to 
have the data flexibility of a graph structure.  I'm not aiming for scale, but 
if JSON can be scaled then I expect what I'm developing could use similar 
technology if needed.


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