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A new release of Fluent Editor 2014 R4.

From: Kasia Kwiecień <k.kwiecien@cognitum.eu>
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2015 12:55:59 +0200
To: "'Semantic Web'" <semantic-web@w3.org>, <public-lod@w3.org>, <semanticweb@yahoogroups.com>
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Dear Members,


We are happy to inform you that recently we have published a new release of
Fluent Editor 2014 R4 with a few new great features.

*         SWRL built-ins

*         Auto-recovery functionality

*         OWL2-EL++ / OWL-RL validation

*         New features in ontology diagram

*         Various performance improvements


**SWRL Built-ins**

SWRL built-ins are one of SWRL's powerful features, which are predicates to
be used to manipulate data values in SWRL rules. From the latest Fluent
Editor, a number of core SWRL built-ins defined in SWRL Built-in Submission
are included, covering built-Ins for comparisons, math, strings, date, time
and duration.


**Auto-recovery Functionality**

Auto-recovery functionality will guarantee you to not lose changes you have
made on your ontology files, even when Fluent Editor crashes in the middle
of editing. Fluent Editor will cache all the unsaved changes on files and
list them up once it is re-opened after crashing, which allows you to
recover the lost files.


**OWL2-EL++ / OWL-RL Validation**

Fluent Editor has been supporting validation functionality of sentences with
OWL2-RL+ profile, which quickly investigates compatibility of your ontology
files with the RL+ profile for scalable reasoning performance. Now the
latest version of Fluent Editor includes two more new OWL2 profiles,
OWL2-EL++ and OWL2-RL, along with validation with each of them. You can
validate your ontology files in any of three profiles, and if an
unconformity has been found Fluent Editor will highlight the exact sentences
of cause with explanation.  


**New features in ontology diagram**

Fluent Editor's feature of drawing ontology diagrams has been empowered with
several new options, allowing users to customize representation of diagrams.
One of such is diagrams can be displayed in both hierarchical layout and
force directed layout by your one button click. Moreover, you can optimize
the diagrams by drawing them based on your selection of elements which are
to be displayed or hidden, such as top concept, taxonomy of concepts and
relations, and values of attributes for all instances.


**Various performance improvements**

Various performance improvements have been applied to this release in order
to make it even more efficient working with large ontology files.


I really encourage you to visit our website:

And our Techblog: http://techblog.cognitum.eu/


Your feedback is more than welcome.


Best Regards


Katarzyna Kwiecień
Cognitum Sp. z o.o., Marketing Manager

mail: k.kwiecien@cognitum.eu <mailto:k.kwiecien@cognitum.eu> , tel: +48 22
250 2541, 
mobile: +48 505 819 879, fax: +48 22 250 28 98
web: http://www.cognitum.eu/, fb: facebook.com/cognitum.eu

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