ISWC 2015 News

14th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2015)
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA
October 11 - 15, 2015

The International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) is the premier
international forum for presenting research results on the Intelligent
Processing of Data on the Web. ISWC brings together researchers from
different areas of computer science, such as artificial intelligence,
databases, distributed systems and information retrieval who aim at the
development and use of novel technologies and techniques for accessing,
interpreting, processing and using information on the web in a more
effective way.

In this announcement:

1) Workshop and Tutorials deadline is March 10
2) PhD Students, submit to ISWC and apply for a travel grant
3) New Tracks
4) Join our mailing list


1) Workshop and Tutorials deadline is March 10

ISWC will host workshops on topics related to the general theme of the
conference. The role of  workshops is to provide a context for a focused
and intensive scientific exchange in a particular topic. Workshops are the
primary venues for the exploration of emerging ideas.

ISWC will also host tutorials addressing the diverse interests of its
audience: Semantic Web practitioners who wish to learn about new
technology; novices to the Semantic Web interested in introductory
tutorials to key Semantic Web / Linked Data topics; Government and Industry
representatives focusing on the applicability of Semantic Web / Linked Data
technologies in practical settings.

Proposals for Workshops and Tutorials are due March 10


2) PhD Students, submit to ISWC and apply for a travel grant

PhD students are highly encouraged to submit to ISWC. There are several
ways to participate:

- Submit original research to the following tracks: Research, Empirical
Studies and Experiments, In-Use and Software or Data Sets and Ontologies
- Participate in the Doctoral Consortium
- Present original ongoing research in the Poster/Demo track
- Presenting at the Semantic Web Challenge

Students are highly encouraged to apply to the Student Grants in order to
support the costs of travel and lodging. This year we will consider
supporting travel companions for attendees with special needs. We are also
considering offering support to help attendees who would necessarily incur
child care costs whilst attending ISWC and travelling with a child.
For more information:


3) New Tracks

ISWC 2015 will feature new and updated tracks:

- Empirical Studies and Experiments - Special Research Track: This track
offer researchers a platform to report on novel empirical studies and
experiments related to frameworks, models, methods, and implementations in
the field of semantic technologies. The track opens up the Semantic Web
field to research contributions that go beyond the design and engineering
approach that is at the core of this community. It welcomes novel and
original submissions that present insights drawn from empirical studies and
experiments taking into account the usage of Semantic Web artifacts in
socio-technical contexts in particular.

- In-use and Software Track: This track provides a forum for the semantic
web community to explore the benefits and technical challenges of applying
semantic technologies in concrete, practical applications, in contexts
ranging from industry to government and science.  Novel applications of
these technologies, or the development of novel software tools for
deployment in practical applications are the primary focus of this track.

- Datasets and Ontologies Track: This track introduces important data sets
and ontologies to the Semantic Web community. We are looking for
submissions that describe ontologies and/or data sets that are published
using best practices and have demonstrable use or potential for reuse.
Additionally, we encourage lessons learned from the creation of these
resources. Finally, we are interested in innovative methods for
representation and data integration used to create the dataset or ontology.


4) Join the mailing list

If you are interested in keeping up to date to the latest news and
announcements of ISWC, please join our mailing list:

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