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Announcing OpenLink Virtuoso, version 7.2.0!

From: Hugh Williams <hwilliams@openlinksw.com>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2015 01:23:22 +0000
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OpenLink Software is pleased to announce the official release 
of Virtuoso, Version 7.2.0. The new release includes:

* Loosely-coupled SSL/TLS

 SSL/TLS version and associated cipher selection is now configurable. 
 Net effect, you can now explicitly disable the use of specific 
 SSL/TLS versions (e.g., SSL/TLS 3.0, which is susceptible to the 
 POODLE exploit).

* Improved LDP Support

 Linked Data Platform protocol support has been enhanced, as an 
 extension to existing WebDAV protocol support. Specific WebDAV 
 folders can now be designated as LDP Containers, and once this 
 designation has been made, LDP-aware user agents will be able to 
 deductively interact with WebDAV Folders and the documents they 
 contain, using entity relations embedded in both header and body 
 of HTTP responses. 

* WebDAV access to 3rd Party Storage Services 

 3rd Party Storage Services (e.g., Dropbox, Amazon S3, Microsoft 
 OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Rackspace, etc.) are mountable and 
 un-mountable using an asynchronous operation (in prior releases, 
 this was a synchronous operation). Once mounted, these 3rd party 
 folders function like any other WebDAV resource. This kind of 
 WebDAV collection (a "Dynamic Extension Resource Type" or "DET" 
 for short) can also be designated as an LDP Container, making 
 Virtuoso WebDAV a powerful LDP proxy mechanism for storage 
 services that do not currently support LDP.

* File System Hosted Virtual Tables

 Enables Virtuoso instances to attach to CSV documents hosted by 
 the File System. Once attached, VIEWs of these documents can be 
 represented as SQL Relational Tables (by default) and/or RDF 
 Property/Predicate graphs (via RDF Views functionality).

* Loosely-Coupled Sponger Middleware Services

 Built-in RDF document transformation middleware is now loosely-
 coupled to its host Virtuoso database server instance. As a result, 
 you can now use the POST method to request asynchronous data 
 transformation services from a Sponger instance, with the 
 transformed data returned as part of an HTTP response payload. 

* Built-in Nanotation Processor

 Enables automatic transformation of TURTLE statements embedded in 
 Email Messages, Online Discussion Posts, Tweets, Social Media Posts 
 (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+), HTML Body, and Plain Text documents 
 into RDF-based Linked Open Data, which is then stored in the host 
 Virtuoso instance. You now have the freedom, power, and flexibility 
 to create data wherever and whenever -- as long as the target 
 destination in a content input control that supports plain/text.

* SPARQL-FED Remote Service Evaluation

 Adds SPARQL endpoint deduction capability to SPARQL-FED. Usage 
 requires granting a new SPARQL_LOAD_SERVICE_DATA role to SPARQL 
 user account. Once granted, Virtuoso makes a best-attempt to 
 determine the capabilities of a SPARQL endpoint by looking up 
 its SPARQL Service Description Document, if available, and/or 
 executing a series of SPARQL test queries (e.g., testing whether 
 SPARQL Query results are returned in all formats outlined by the 
 W3C SPARQL spec). 

More details of the additions, fixes, and other changes in this 
update of both Open Source and Commercial Editions, may be found 
here --


Additional Information: 

* Virtuoso Open Source 

 - Development Branch -- 

 - Stable Branch -- 

* Virtuoso Commercial Edition --

 - Home Page --

 - Download Page --

Best Regards
Hugh Williams
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