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Hohoho - Kibi 0.2 available

From: Giovanni Tummarello <g.tummarello@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 2015 20:35:31 +0100
Message-ID: <CAHHRs7gP-kauze85iFAQjPzJ1opo0150b-0gvTHuEHAXq98N7w@mail.gmail.com>
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If you're a Real Geek you know this is a great time of the year to play
around with new data toys! :)

so give Kibi 0.2 a spin, for it is finally here...

*What is Kibi?*

Kibi 0.2 is a Kibana fork for Data Intelligence.

For those that dont know Kibana, it's a quite amazing data search/analytics
tool by Elasticsearch with tens of thousands of industrial users and
amazing open source comunity.

Kibi build on Kibana and adds, bit by bit, some of the best ideas we're
talked about here for a long time.

To make it real, Kibi leverages our high tech (distributed/ultra optimized)
Elasticsearch plugins for data joins and (soon) graph like interfacing with
Elasticsearch data.

This version, for example, introduces "Relational Configuration" and
"Timeline Widget" which operate across Elasticsearch indexes and allow "set
to set" navigation.

announcement below:
Kibi 0.2, is here - (hohoho)

*What's new?*
Relational Panel Filter, in action

Kibi 0.2. introduces a new way to filter relational data: just click on the
checkboxes of the "relational panel" to show only the related records in of
the dashboards, live updated. Works great also in conjunction with the
standard kibi relational filters.

Configure the "relational schema" of your data in Elasticsearch

Do this to enable the relational panel above and many more smart behaviours
(now: relational panel, next so much more stuff)

Say hi to our first Cross Index Widget: Timeline

Data Intelligence means to understand your "target" with data from many
different indexes.

Once Kibi is configured to know how indexes and datasources related then
things get.. way powerful. Like our new Cross Index Timeline widget.

Here is all about "Songbird' coming from 4 different saved searches".. a
segment showing company creation till company deadpooling, then:
investments, competing companies, articles mentioning it...

User configurable data sources, full Rest API support

Users can now configure datasources (SQL, General REST Apis, SPARQL over
HTTP), directly from the UI.

Use it in conjunction with our "query templates" and "query based
aggregators" (to power analytics, filters etc). Very very poweful, watch
for blog posts soon :)

 Marry Xmas and.. what's cooking for 2016?

We promised Kibi to be an "in sync" fork with the main Kibana project and
we'll deliver.

So to begin 2016, Kibi 0.3 will come out based on Kibana 5.x (so it is
called in the Trunk) and therefore bring Kibana plugin compatibility,
Timelion, black themes and all the other good stuff :)

... in the meanwhile may you have a great xmas break - and we look forward
to work with you in 2016!


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Best Wishes to all!
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