LODStats The Data Web Census Dataset release

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Dear everyone,

we are happy to announce LODStats The Data Web Census Dataset release.

Over the past years, the size of the Data Web has increased significantly,
which makes obtaining general insights into its growth and structure both
more challenging and more desirable. The lack of such insights hinders
important data management tasks such as quality, privacy and coverage
analysis. LODStats provides a comprehensive picture of the current state of
a significant part of the Data Web.

LODStats The Data Web Census Dataset contains 181250 entities and 14450595
triples describing statistical facts about 9960 RDF datasets from data.gov,
publicdata.eu and datahub.io data catalogs. The complete description for
the dataset, links to the dumps (also includes RDF dumps for data.gov,
publicdata.eu and datahub.io from April 2015) and SPARQL endpoint are
available on the DataHub: http://datahub.io/dataset/lodstats.

We really appreciate feedback and are open to collaborations. To get in
touch you can subscribe to the mailing list/google group at:

Kind regards,

Ivan Ermilov,

Jens Lehmann,

Sören Auer and

Michael Martin.
AKSW: http://aksw.org/

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