Re: Algorithm evaluation on the complete LOD cloud?

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On Fri, Apr 24, 2015 at 10:39:31AM -0400, Paul Houle wrote:
> Also I find the "no special hardware requirements" thing to be strange,
>  probably because it ought to be defined in terms of "I have a machine with
> these specific specifications".  For instance,  if you had a machine with
> 32GB of RAM (which is pretty affordable if you don't pay OEM prices) you
> could load a billion triples into a triple store.  If your machine is a
> hand-me-down laptop from a salesman who couldn't sell that has just 4GB of
> RAM you are in a very different situation.

Does loading more triples really require more RAM?

Is is really impossible to build bigger B-trees or nodes tables without more 
random access? My intuition tells me that this is not the case.


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