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> On 08/31/2014 06:43 PM, Victor Porton wrote:
>> šSuppose P is a precedence of operation X. Should I write "X a P ." or
>> š"X :precedence P ." (in Turtle format)?
>> šWhat are (dis)advantages of both variants?
> Assuming that the property should link instance P to instance X, both of
> class :Operation, then you should use "X :precedence P".
> "X a P", a shortcut for "X rdf:type P", would imply that P is an
> rdf:Class and X an instance of said class P. Extending the semantics of
> 'rdf:type' and using an instance as a class seems a bad idea.

P is a class (because I want rdf:subClassOf for properties.

But I yet doubt whether an operation should be an instance of precedence.

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