Fwd: "Ontology and Ontologies: Relations, Applications, Limitations" - SIXTH WHITEHEAD LECTURE AUTUMN 2014 - 26th November, 2014

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Subject: "Ontology and Ontologies: Relations, Applications, Limitations" - SIXTH WHITEHEAD LECTURE AUTUMN 2014  - 26th November, 2014

The sixth Whitehead lecture of the autumn term 2014 will be given by Professor Peter Simons, Trinity College Dublin, at 4pm, Wednesday 26th November and will be entitled "Ontology and Ontologies: Relations, Applications, Limitations".

An abstract for the lecture and short biography for the speaker are appended below.

The lecture will take place at 4pm on  Wednesday **26th** November in Richard Hoggart Building room RHB137a at Goldsmiths College <http://www.gold.ac.uk/find-us/>.

DATE: Wednesday 26th November, 2014

TITLE: Ontology and Ontologies: Relations, Applications, Limitations
SPEAKER: Peter Simons

ABSTRACT: The word ‘ontology’ comes from philosophy and denotes a part of metaphysics concerned with the most general categories of being. In informatics it denotes any conceptual scheme dealing with a given domain, usually subject to certain normative controls but relatively independent of detailed implementation.There are dozens if not hundreds of ontologies in the latter sense. So the question arises as to whether there are criteria for preferring or choosing one ontology over another, and what role, if any, the philosophical discipline may play in such considerations. Drawing on his experience both as a philosophical ontologist and as a software engineering consultant, the speaker will attempt to articulate what constitutes a good ontology, what –– and what not –– to expect from it, and how helpful it may be in solving theoretical and practical problems.  

BRIEF BIO: Peter Simons is Professor of Philosophy at Trinity College Dublin. He is the author or co-author of four books and over 250 articles on many aspects of philosophy, with an emphasis on metaphysics and its applications. A Fellow of the British, Royal irish and European Academies, he has worked in Ireland, the UK, and Austria, and has taught and given numerous talks around Europe, North America and Asia.

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