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> We had proposed this a number of years ago, but never had time to go down that path. More towards trying to infer "integrity constraints" dynamically (yes, OWL is Open World; integrity constraints are Closed World). Finding the ripple effect of deleting, adding, moving graph nodes that kind of corresponds to "referential integrity" (i.e., structural) in the database world. Since all OWL ontologies (the axioms) can be represented as graphs, it should be doable. How efficiently, I don't know.

I'd be very, very cautious with statements like "OWL axioms can be
represented as graphs". In what precisely sense can they be
represented as graphs? OWL is quite a rich language and one can write
very complex axioms which don't look anything graph-like. Of course,
one can invoke the OWL2RDF mapping and take the resulting set of
triples as a (kind of) graph, but I doubt it can be generally useful.

I can imagine that for some very specific tasks, like decomposition
(as in [1]), a graph-based representation of OWL axioms can be
helpful. But such use cases (and the corresponding representations)
tend to be pretty specific rather than generic.


[1] Francisco Martín-Recuerda, Dirk Walther: Axiom Dependency
Hypergraphs for Fast Atomic Decomposition of Ontologies. Description
Logics 2014: 299-310

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>>Subject: dependency analysis of OWL axioms
>>I want to know if there is a tool or an approach realizing dependency annalysis
>>of OWL 2 axioms.
>>by removing a subClassOf axioms , I want to know affected ones in the
>>Or, can I do it manually by recognizing different types of axioms and expecting
>>relations between them.
>>Thank you for answering me.
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>>an approach realizing dependency annalysis of OWL 2
>>axioms.</div><div>Example:&nbsp;</div><div>by removing a subClassOf
>>axioms , I want to know affected ones in the ontology.</div><div>Or, can I do it
>>manually by recognizing different types of axioms and expecting relations
>>between them.</div><div>Thank you for answering

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