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Re: Debates of the European Parliament as LOD

From: Stian Soiland-Reyes <soiland-reyes@cs.manchester.ac.uk>
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2014 13:22:39 +0000
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Thank you for publishing!

Have you considered describing the datasets using VOID?

On 5 November 2014 11:19, Hollink, L. <l.hollink@vu.nl> wrote:
> ----- Dataset announcement -----
> We are happy to announce the release of a new linked dataset: the
> proceedings of the plenary debates of the European Parliament as Linked Open
> Data.
> The dataset covers all plenary debates held in the European Parliament (EP)
> between July 1999 and January 2014, and biographical information about the
> members of parliament. It includes: the monthly sessions of the EP, the
> agenda of debates, the spoken words and translations thereof in 21
> languages; the speakers, their role and the country they represent;
> membership of national parties, European parties and commissions. The data
> is available though a SPARQL endpoint, see
> http://linkedpolitics.ops.few.vu.nl/ for more details.
> Please note that this is a first version; we hope you will try it out and
> send us your feedback!
> ----- Access to the data -----
> We provide access in three ways:
> • Through a SPARQL endpoint at http://linkedpolitics.ops.few.vu.nl/sparql/
> • Using the ClioPatria web interface at http://linkedpolitics.ops.few.vu.nl/
> • By downloading data dumps. See http://linkedpolitics.ops.few.vu.nl/.
> We use a CC BY 4.0 license. To acknowledge us, please cite us as: A.E. van
> Aggelen, L. Hollink. Plenary debates of the European Parliament as Linked
> Open Data. http://www.talkofeurope.eu/data/. Website accessed on [fill in
> date].
> ----- Origins the data -----
> To generate data on the plenary debates, we generated RDF from the HTML
> pages published on the official website of the EP [2]. We collaborated with
> the Political Mashup project [3], who provided scripts to scrape the HTML
> pages. The bibliographical data about members of parliament comes from the
> Automated Database of the European Parliament by Bjørn Høyland of the
> University of Oslo [4]. We translated this database to RDF, linked it to the
> debate data, and made it available as Linked Data as part of the dataset.
> ----- Talk of Europe project -----
> The data was created within the Talk of Europe project [1]. To stimulate
> people to work with our data, we organise a series of Creative Camps with
> bursaries for participants. The next call for participation is expected to
> open in January 2015. We look forward to your proposals!
> If you would like to keep informed about this dataset, the Talk of Europe
> project and the Creative Camps, please register for our mailinglist at
> http://www.talkofeurope.eu/contact/ .
> Kind regards
> Laura Hollink,
> on behalf of the Talk of Europe project partners:
> - Erasmus University Rotterdam / Erasmus Studio (Max Kemman, Martijn Kleppe,
> Henri Beunders)
> - VU University Amsterdam (Astrid van Aggelen, Laura Hollink)
> - The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (Johan Oomen, Jaap Blom,
> Victor de Boer)
> - DANS (Marnix van Berchum)
> The Talk of Europe project is supported by CLARIN_NL, CLARIN-ERIC and NWO.
> [1] http://talkofeurope..eu/
> [2] http://europarl.europa.eu/
> [3] http://politicalmashup.nl/
> [4] http://folk.uio.no/bjornkho/MEP/
> --- --- --- --- ---
> Laura Hollink
> Assistant Professor
> Web and Media group
> VU University Amsterdam
> http://www.cs.vu.nl/~laurah/

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