Attribute or Property Ontology?

Hi All,

I have been looking for an ontology that organizes and describes 
possible characteristics or attributes for common entity types, such as 
what might be found in a key-value pair in Wikipedia infoboxes and such.

I have had no luck finding such a vocabulary or ontology. The closest 
representation I found was one related to sensors and the Internet of 
Things (IoT) [1]. The Wolfram Language also has an interesting structure 
around units [2]. Biperpedia has recently been discussed by Google [3], 
but no actual ontology or structure yet appears available for inspection.

Does anyone know of a general ontology for capturing record/entity 
attributes or characteristics (properties)? I know some domains like 
biomedical may have partial approaches to this, but I'm seeking 
something that has as its intent being a general-purpose attribute 

Suggestions or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Mike


Received on Friday, 11 July 2014 02:42:57 UTC