Deadline Extension Natural-Language Interfaces Workshop at ISWC 2014

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         Natural Language Interfaces for Web of Data
October 19th or 20th, 2014, ISWC Workshop Program,
           Riva del Garda, Trentino, Italy

        *Deadline extended to July 14th, 2014*

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While the amount of Linked Open Data (LOD) increases rapidly, it is
still used mostly by Semantic Web experts. There are two main
obstacles to making the billions of RDF triples already available
accessible for common Web users: (1) the need to learn the query
language SPARQL, and (2) the need to know the schemas underlying the
datasets. Approaches to ease the acess to the Web of Data include
graphical query interfaces, agent-based systems, and natural language
interfaces. Amongst them, natural language interfaces are receiving an
increasing interest due to its high expressive power and low cost for
educational purposes. Recent progresses in speech recognition
technologies (e.g., Siri and Google Voice) also demonstrate the
usefulness of a natural language interface. The goal of this workshop
is to bring together experts on the use of natural-language interfaces
(NLI) for accessing the Web of Data. This includes amongst others
experts on question answering, graphical query interfaces, lexicon
generation, information extraction, and natural-language
generation. Consequently, the topics of interest include but are not
limited to:

- Natural language query parsing
- Natural language dialog systems
- Term matching and entity disambiguation
- Indexing
- Query template generation
- Query pattern generation
- SPARQL query generation
- Discovery of Linked Data sources
- Endpoint profiling
- Dealing with data and schema heterogeneity
- Answer aggregation
- Answer rendering
- Providing justifications of answers and conveying trust
- Knowledge base design for QA
- Language resources (data & open source software) for QA
- Reasoning for QA
- Natural Language querying of RDF exposed as linked data
- Natural Language querying of Web Services
- User feedback and interaction

NLIWoD 2014 solicits the submission of original research papers in two

- Full paper submissions (up to 16 pages) must describe substantial
   and original work.
- Short paper submissions (up to 8 pages) must describe an original
   work which may present a small, focused contribution, a work in
   progress, or an interesting application case.

All submissions must be in English and in PDF formatted the style of
the Springer Publications format for Lecture Notes in Computer Science
(LNCS). For details on the LNCS style, see Springer's Author

Every submissions will be peer-reviewed by the Program Committee of
the workshop. Submissions do not need to be anonymous.

Important Dates

- Submission date: July 7th
- Author notifications: July 30th
- Camera-ready proceedings: August
- 20th Workshop: October 19th or 20th

Workshop Chairs

Key-Sun Choi (KAIST) (Honorary chair)
Jin-Dong Kim (DBCLS, ROIS)
Axel Ngonga (AKSW, University of Leipzig)

Program Committee

Ion Androutsopoulos (Athena, GR)
Erick Antezana (Bayer CropScience, BE),
Sören Auer (University of Bonn, DE)
Elena Cabrio (INRIA, FR)
Michel Dumontier (Stanford University, US)
André Freitas (Insight, IE)
Patrick Gallinari (LIP6, FR)
Alexander Garcia (American Psychological Association, US)
Roberto Garcia (Universitat de Lleida, ES)
Giorgos Giannopoulos (Athena Research Center, GR)
Dan Gruhl (IBM, US)
Prateek Jain (IBM, US)
Anastasia Krithara (NSCR Demokritos, GR)
Doo-Hyun Kim (Konkuk University, KR)
Jens Lehmann (AKSW, University of Leipzig, DE)
Vanessa Lopez (IBM, US)
Edgard Marx (AKSW, DE)
Pablo N. Mendes (IBM, US)
Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo (University of Leipzig, DE)
Young-Tack Park (Soongsil University, KR)
Sang-Kyu Park (ETRI, KR)
Heiko Paulheim (TU Darmstadt, DE)
George Tsatsaronis (Biotechnology Center, University of Dresden, DE)
Christina Unger (CITEC, University of Bielefeld, DE)
Boris Villazon-Terrazas (iSOCO, ES)

Axel Ngonga, Dr. rer. nat
Head of AKSW
Augustusplatz 10
Room P905
04109 Leipzig

Tel: +49 (0)341 9732341
Fax: +49 (0)341 9732239

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