JOB: Post-doc - Linked Data and Music


Postdoctoral Research Assistant - Linked Data and Music

Oxford e-Research Centre, Oxford

Vacancy ID: 113899

We are seeking a Research Associate working on the Semantic Web and
Linked Data technologies for application in the domain of music
consumption and production, specifically for the SLoBR and FAST
projects. These projects share a common purpose in the development and
application of Linked Data to all stages in the digital music
lifecycle.  SLoBR (Semantic Linking of BBC Radio: Programme Data and
Early Music), a joint project with the Centre and Goldsmiths
University of London and the BBC, will use linked data to combine
musicological research data with programme information from the BBC
early music show and external resources such as DBpedia. The project
will focus on the use and consumption of this data, developing a web
based User Interface (UI) for navigating related information in the
context of Early Music Show content and generalising these approaches
into tools for similar data reduction, visualisation and exploration
problems in linked data., the project will involve liaison with
musicology specialists at our partner institution and travel to the
BBC in London for regular collaboration sessions. The EPSRC funded
FAST (Fusing Semantic and Audio Technologies for Intelligent Music
Production and Consumption) will pursue radical innovations amidst
challenges driven by the practical needs of end-users throughout the
music industry, with exciting proof-of-concept demonstrators that
collectively form an intelligent music information infrastructure and
include the application of state of the art signal processing and
Semantic Web techniques.

This is a fixed-term post for 2 years in the first instance.

For full details see:
Richard Lewis
Computing, Goldsmiths' College
t: +44 (0)20 7078 5203
@: lewisrichard
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