ODLS 2014: Call for Update Talks and Participation - (Workshop on Ontologies and Data in Life Sciences, Oct 07-08, Freiburg i.Br., Germany)

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               Call for Update Talks and Participation

                           >> ODLS 2014 <<
[1] https://wiki.imise.uni-leipzig.de/Gruppen/OBML/Workshops/2014-ODLS 

   Workshop on Ontologies and Data in Life Sciences (ODLS 2014)

            Oct 7-8, 2014      Freiburg i.Br., Germany         

Location & Registration

This year's ODLS will take place at Medical Center - University of
Freiburg [2], Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, at the Main Campus in
the historic city of Freiburg. It is hosted by the Center for Medical
Biometry and Medical Informatics [3].

Registration is handled by the local organizers, mainly requiring
an email and the payment of the contribution towards expenses,
please cf. the workshop website [1].

Contributions towards expenses:
* 30 EUR regular
* 25 EUR for members of IAOA [4] or GI [5]
* 20 EUR for students

Important Dates

* registration period starts      September 08, 2014  (Mon)

* update talk proposals           September 10, 2014  (Wed)

* author registration             September 20, 2014  (Sat)
* regular registration            September 30, 2014  (Tue)
* late and on-site registration   October   08, 2014  (Wed)
* workshop                        October 07-08, 2014 (Tue-Wed)

* workshop timeframe (CEST):  Oct 07, 13:00 - Oct 08, afternoon

We are grateful for early registrations from Sep 08 on, well before
Sep 20 or 30! Notably, update talk proposals can be submitted to [6]
from now on.

Keynote Lecture

Jesualdo Tomás Fernández-Breis, University of Murcia, Spain

< Title TBA >

Update Talks and OBML Group Meeting

In addition to the technical program (see Accepted Papers below),
an Update Session on selected ontologies, systems, and projects is
being prepared.

     We invite suggestions for update talks to be included
     in this session. Please send your proposal(s) to the
     workshop organizers using [6] odls2014@easychair.org 
     by September 10, 2014 (Wed) at the latest.

The workshop will further host an organizational meeting of the
workgroup "Ontologies in Biomedicine and Life Sciences" (OBML) [7],
part of the SIG "Informatics and Life Sciences" of the
German Informatics Society (GI) [5].

Accepted Papers
(in alphabetic order of first author's last names)

A Proposal for an Ontology for the Tumor-Node-Metastasis Classification
of Malignant Tumors: a Study on Breast Tumors
   Martin Boeker, Rita Faria and Stefan Schulz

OWL Patterns for Modeling the Change over Time exemplified by the
Cell Tracking Ontology
   Patryk Burek and Heinrich Herre

PEGASO: towards a teenager tailored ontology
- Supporting inference about the obesity-related health status -
   Giorgia Contini, Marco Sacco, Aleksandra Sojic and Walter Terkaj

Ontology for Molecular Structure 
   Henson Graves

Butterflies and Embryos: The Ontology of Temporally Qualified
   Ludger Jansen and Niels Grewe

Entities with Genetic Information - An Initial Perspective from the
Core Theme of Continuity and Change in Biology
   Frank Loebe and Vinay K. Chaudhri

Ontology usage in Omics Standards Initiatives: Pros and Cons of
enriching XML data formats with controlled vocabulary terms
   Daniel Schober, Michael Wilson, Daniel Jacob, Annick Moing,
   Gerhard Mayer, Reza M Salek and Steffen Neumann

OntoStudyEdit: A new Approach for Ontology-Based Representation and
Management of Metadata in Clinical and Epidemiological Research
   Alexandr Uciteli and Heinrich Herre

Biomedical Ethics Ontology, computers and moral reasoning
   Paulina Wasilewska

Goals of the Workshop

Medicine, biology and life sciences produce hardly manageable and
comprehensible amounts of data, information, and knowledge. Their
computer-based processing, integration, as well as their conceptual
foundation and application presents ever new challenges to existing
methods of knowledge representation, data bases, and data analysis.
In the life sciences, enormous data sets are being produced in
connection with biological and medical experiments, aiming to unravel
biological interconnections for a better understanding in order to
offer patients the best possible therapies. Data management and data
processing in the life sciences ranges from the best possible
integration and usage of distributed, heterogeneous data to the best
possible obfuscation of medical data.

This integrated workshop covers the overall spectrum of biomedical
information processing, from experimental data acquisition and data
management, across analysis, structuring and interpretation of data,
up to the development of structures of knowledge in the form of
ontologies with their various applications. The workshop pursues the
aim to gather scientists that work in these fields in order to exchange
ideas, to discuss new results and to inspire collaborations. The work-
shop has an interdisciplinary character. It fosters the collaboration
between ontologists, computer scientists, bio-informaticians, medical
information scientists, applied logicians, as well as the cooperation
with physicians, bio-chemists, and biometricians.


Martin Boeker,  University of Freiburg  (general & local chair)
Ludger Jansen,  University of Muenster               (PC chair)
Heinrich Herre, University of Leipzig         (speaker of OBML)
Frank Loebe,    University of Leipzig

ODLS 2014 is associated with the group Ontologies in Medicine and
Life Sciences (OBML) [7] within the German Informatics Society (GI),
and it is a Supported Event of the International Association for
Ontology and Its Applications (IAOA) [4]. 

[1] Workshop website



[2] Hosting university, general website


[3] Hosting local organization website

[4] IAOA website


[5] German Informatics Society (GI), website


[6] ODLS 2014 email address (for contacting all organizers)


[7] OBML workgroup website


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