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From: Obrst, Leo J. <lobrst@mitre.org>
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2014 17:51:53 +0000
To: Semantic Web <semantic-web@w3.org>, "public-lod@w3.org" <public-lod@w3.org>
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I'm looking for:

1)       Formalizations, methods, implementations, tools that convert/transform UML object models into OWL ontologies in a structure- and semantics-preserving way.

2)      Also, approaches that map SKOS vocabularies (especially codelists) in a reasonable fashion to OWL ontologies. E.g., as value enumerations of ranges of data or object properties.

Concerning (1), I'm aware of early UML => DAML work, circa 2001-2. I am also aware of more recent work such as:

Zedlitz, Jesper, and Norbert Luttenberger. 2014. Conceptual Modelling in UML and OWL-2. International Journal on Advances in Software, vol 7 no 1 & 2, year 2014, http://www.iariajournals.org/software/. Also: http://www.thinkmind.org/download.php?articleid=soft_v7_n12_2014_15.

Zedlitz, J., and N. Luttenberger. 2013. Data types in UML and OWL-2, in SEMAPRO 2013, The Seventh International Conference on Advances in Semantic Processing, 2013, pp. 32-35. http://www.thinkmind.org/download.php?articleid=semapro_2013_2_20_50033.

Zedlitz, J., J. Jörke, and N. Luttenberger, "From UML to OWL 2," in Proceedings of Knowledge Technology Week 2011, D. Lukose, A. R. Ahmad, and A. Suliman, Eds., Berlin/Heidelberg, 2012, pp. p. 154-163.

Zedlitz, J., and N. Luttenberger. 2012. Transforming Between UML Conceptual Models and OWL 2 Ontologies," in Proceedings of the Terra Cognita Workshop on Foundations, Technologies and Applications of the Geospatial Web, in conjunction with the 11th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2012), D. Kolas, M. Perry, R. Grütter, and M. Koubarakis, Eds., 2012, pp. p. 15-26. [Online]. Available: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-901/paper2.pdf.

Do you know of other such work?

Also, do you know of work addressing (2)?

Thanks much!

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