Re: Deciphering the Semantic Web [VIDEO]

Hi Michael -

Thanks for the useful feedback! Some comments inline:

Thanks! I enjoyed watching this but it also shows the problems with
> "selling" that stuff. A video explaining the Web would at some point show a
> Browser in action. [...] And if the video would actually show Semantic Web
> Apps in action, [...]

Good idea. I may have been a bit lazy :) It took me some weeks of extra
work to edit the six hours of video down to a comprehensible 44 minutes,
and I didn't source any additional footage like browsers, graphs, apps,
etc. But what I have done is changed the license from the video from
Standard YouTube License to Creative Commons - Attribution, so it'd be
great if someone who is interested could remix the clips with such footage.
(I also need to a fix a few audio-level glitches but that's another job.)

It is good if you can try and get some people to explain things in plain
English without resorting to showing code, etc. - I think Tom did that
quite well in our LInked Data introduction article which doesn't mention
RDF et al. until the glossary -

As is said in the video, these technologies act in the background. So why
> make a big fuzz about them ? [...] Because we think they will make things
> better ?
> [...] data explosions and sensors everywhere that are connected to the
> Internet
> does not have positive connotations for everyone.

Maybe it would be better if it were tied to new interfaces and mechanisms
for us to access the world's knowledge rather than the data overload
brought on my new devices and systems?

I would really like to see the serendipitous discovery mentioned in the
> video
> in a real application.

Perhaps some demos of something like Seevl (/me looks at Alex) showing
serendipitous music discovery would be useful here.

> The Semantic Web is here but neither machines nor
> humans are really "surfing" it. [...]

You're right, perhaps there should be a distinction between future look and
state of the art.

> BTW: What is a knowledge provider ? ;-)

Yes, it's a bit abstract. By that, I think the meaning is some organisation
that is providing data in an structured form (possibly semantic data backed
by an ontology).

Thanks again, and glad you still liked the video!


John Breslin
Lecturer, Electronic Engineering, NUI Galway
Researcher, Social Semantic Web, INSIGHT
Project Leader, Eurapp

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