Final [CFP]: IJSWIS: Special Issue on Web Data Quality - deadline approaching !!!

> *CFP: International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems:
> Special Issue on Web Data Quality*
> All details here:
> The standardization and adoption of Semantic Web technologies has resulted
> in an unprecedented volume of data being published as Linked Open Data
> (LOD). The integration across this Web of Data, however, is hampered by the
> ‘publish first, refine later’ philosophy. This leads to various quality
> problems arising in the underlying data such as incompleteness,
> inconsistency and incomprehensibility. These problems affect every
> application domain, be it scientific (e.g., life science, environment),
> governmental or industrial applications.
> This Special Issue is addressed to those members of the community
> interested in providing novel methodologies or frameworks in assessing,
> monitoring, maintaining and improving the quality of the Web of Data and
> also introduce tools and user interfaces which can effectively assist in
> the assessment. The benefits of such methodologies will not only help in
> detecting inherent data quality problems currently plaguing the Web of
> Data, but also provide the means to fix these problems and maintain the
> quality in the long run. Additionally, we also seek articles that help
> identify the current impediments in building real-world LOD applications.
> *Topics*
> The aim of this special issue is to select and publish a set of
> high-quality research papers on the aspects including but not limited to:
>    - Web data and LOD quality concepts
>       - Data quality dimensions and metrics for Web data and LOD quality
>    - Web data and LOD quality methodologies
>       - Data quality assessment frameworks
>       - Evaluation of quality and trustworthiness in the web of data
>       - (Semi-)automatic assessment in the web of data
>       - Large-scale quality assessment of structured datasets
>       - Validation of currently existing data quality assessment
>       methodologies
>       - Use-case driven quality assessment
>       - Quality assessment leveraging background knowledge
>       - Co-reference detection and dataset reconciliation
>       - Data quality methodologies for linked open data
>       - Evaluating quality of ontologies
>    - Web data and LOD quality tools
>       - Design and implementation of data quality monitoring, assessment
>       and improvement tools
>       - Quality exploration and analysis interfaces
>       - Scalability and performance of tools
>       - Monitoring tools
>    - Case studies on Web data and LOD quality assessment and improvement
>    - Web data and LOD quality benchmarks
>    - Issues in LOD
>       - Methods to acquire most relevant LOD datasets
>       - Generating meaningful associations across LOD datasets
> *Key Dates*
> Abstract Submission Deadline: 20th September, 2013
> Submission Deadline: 27th September, 2013
> Notifications: 9th December, 2013
> Revised Papers: April 2014
> Final Versions: June 2014
> *Guest Editors*
> Laure Berti-Equille, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, France
> Andrea Maurino, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy
> Amrapali Zaveri, University of Leipzig, Germany
> We welcome full research papers (typically 8K words) as well as
> application papers (5K - 8K words). Please include, in accordance with the
> journal's guidelines, 5-10 keywords, to assist both with indexing and
> reviewer selection. Please follow the journal's guidelines for submissions.
> Initial submission should be made as a PDF document to the EasyChair
> website <>.
> *Contact*:
> Regards,
> Ms. Amrapali Zaveri

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