Four new articles on the JWS preprint server

Four new articles have need added to the Journal of Web Semantics
preprint server (

  o Active Learning of Expressive Linkage Rules Using Genetic
    Programming, Robert Isele and Christian Bizer.

  o Ultrawrap: SPARQL Execution on Relational Data, Juan Sequeda
    and Daniel P. Miranker.

  o K-Nearest Keyword Search in RDF Graphs, Xiang Lian, Eugenio
    D. Hoyos, Artem Chebotko, Bin Fu and Christine Reilly.

  o Key Choices in the Design of Simple Knowledge Organization System
    (SKOS), Thomas Baker, Sean Bechhofer, Antoine Issac, Alistair
    Miles, Guus Schreiber and Ed Summers.

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