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I'm trying to create an example to see how our data from our address database [1] would look like using the new vCard [2] and Organization [3] ontologies.

At some point I'm not sure how to use the vCard Ontology. Maybe one could enlighten me.

So far I have a org:Organization which has a org:Site and the site has many addresses (vcard:Address). The site has also many email addresses and telephone numbers and some of them are in the context of an address.

To make it more clear here is a simple abstract example:

There is a Site.
The Site has Address1 and Address2.
There is Email1 and Email2.
There is Telephone1 and Telephone2.

Email1 and Telephone1 belong to Address1.
Email2 and Telephone2 don't belong to any address, but they have the same role and belong to the Site.

My questions are: 
How Address1, Email1 and Telephone1 can be bound together?
Does the hasRelation property something to do with it and how does a RelatedType class like Contact is used here.
I like to use the hasRole property to connect Email2 and Telephone2, but is this intended to do this?

hasRelation and hasRole are labeled as 'Organizational Properties', which makes me suspicious that they are not meant to be used in this context. I'm missing an example here. And if they are not meant to be used in this context, maybe a property hasContact is missing?

With a hasContact property it could look like:

    vcard:hasAddress $Address1 ;
    vcard:hasContact $SiteContact .
    a vcard:Contact ;
    dc:description "A description of the sites contact" ;
    vcard:hasTelephone <tel:+61755555556> ;
    vcard:hasEmail <> .
    a vcard:Address ;
    vcard:hasContact $AddressContact .
    a vcard:Contact ;
    dc:description "A description of the address contact" ;
    vcard:hasTelephone <tel:+61755555555> ;
    vcard:hasEmail <> .

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