Release of BabelNet 2.0 -

        *RELEASE OF BabelNet 2.0*

As an output of the "MultiJEDI" Starting Grant, funded by the European
Research Council and headed by Prof. Roberto Navigli, the Linguistic
Computing Laboratory of the Sapienza University of Rome is proud to
announce the release of *BabelNet 2.0*.

BabelNet is a multilingual "encyclopedic dictionary" and a multilingual
ontology created by mapping the largest multilingual Web encyclopedia -
i.e., *Wikipedia *- to the most popular computational lexicon of English -
i.e., *WordNet*, and by integrating other lexical resources such as *OmegaWiki
*and the *Open Multilingual WordNet*. The integration is performed via an
automatic linking algorithm and by filling in lexical gaps with the aid of
Machine Translation. The result is an "encyclopedic dictionary" that
provides Babel synsets, i.e., concepts and named entities lexicalized in
many languages and connected with large amounts of semantic relations.

Version 2.0 comes with the following features:

* *50 languages *now covered!

* *seamless integration *of WordNet, Open Multilingual WordNet, Wikipedia
and OmegaWiki
* *9.3M Babel synsets*

* 50M Babel senses

* *18M textual definitions*

* 262M semantic relations

* *17M synset-associated images*

* Available for download together with *Java APIs *for programmatic access

* Also available in *RDF/Lemon format *and via a public *SPARQL endpoint*

More *statistics *are available at:


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