Re: Deprecate in favour of /ns/rdf# ??

> On 28 Nov 2013, at 23:10, "Charles McCathie Nevile" <> wrote:
> But I object to the idea of using - among other things, using a namespace rooted in a domain you don't control is a terrible idea.

I control neither nor, so by that logic using either is a terrible idea.

> And holding namespaces for RDF fundamentals is a long way outside's mission,

I have some news for you. May I direct your attention to

That's a pretty good start and I'd like to see more.

> whereas it seems an obvious thing to expect W3C to do.

W3C does a fine job *holding* namespaces for RDF fundamentals. But that's not enough. W3C does a terrible job at removing obstacles to adoption that were designed into these namespaces in the distant past.


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