Re: vCard Ontology WD Updated

Hi Renato,

2013/11/1 Renato Iannella <>:
> However, what about those concepts that are no longer used in the latest vCard like X400, post-office-box?

Since the goal is "compatible representations between RFC6350 and this
vCard Ontololgy", it seems OK to deprecate terms which have no
corresponding constructs in RFC6350.

Hence X400 (as well as mailer and class) could be deprecated. However,
post-office-box (and extended-address) still exist in 6.3.1 (as the
first and second components of structured type value), wouldn't it be
wise not to deprecate them?

Label is a bit complicated. Although LABEL type (property) was removed
from Vcard 4, LABEL parameter was added to ADR property instead.
Therefore, vcard:label could be used as a property of Address (not of
VCard per RFC2426) and it seems to be very useful IMHO.


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