Linked Data Service of the German National Library: revised modelling of bibliographic data

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Dear colleagues,

the RDF-representation of bibliographic data in the Linked Data Service of the German National Library has been revised. From now on the data is provided using a new modelling. As before the data is available for access under CC0 via http, OAI and SRU interfaces as well as for download as RDF dump [1].

The core element set has been modelled following the recommendations of the DINI-AG-KIM working group for bibliographic data [2, website is German]. These recommendations will be released later this year as a DINI publication. The aim is to harmonise the RDF-representations of bibliographic data in the German-speaking countries. By defining a best practise, interoperability can be improved and reusability of the data in applications is simplified. The more institutions join these efforts and provide their data in accordance with the recommendations, the closer we get to these targets.

In addition to the core element set defined by KIM the DNB-modelling contains further elements.

Please find more information about the Linked Data Service of the German National Library and also the documentation of the complete DNB-modelling [3]. An English translation of the documentation will soon be available.

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