REGULAR REGISTRATION CLOSING SOON: Semantic Technologies with OWLIM, Feb. 27- Mar. 1, London




 <> Semantic Technologies with OWLIM

February 27th – March 1st 2013

Lancaster Gate Hotel

Hyde Park, 66 Lancaster Gate,

London, W2 3NA


Book you place now <>  and feel free to select only those days suitable for your level of experience. 


You will get a full day of introduction in Semantic Technologies, followed by two days of tech specifics about OWLIM. The trainer <>  has many years of experience in teaching semantic technology and involvement in landmark deployments of RDF database engines, like the one for BBC's World Cup website <> , and in outstanding linked data projects like LinkedBrainz <> .


REGISTRATION (bank transfer) in GBP <>                     REGISTRATION (credit card) in USD <> 


* Late registration after 18th of February

For non-students and non-partners - 30% surcharge

For students and partners – 20% surcharge


Semantic Technologies with OWLIM <>  focuses on:

* the basic principles of semantic technology, W3C standards (RDF, OWL, SPARQL), knowledge representation, reasoning and linked data
* building applications based on OWLIM, including advanced features such as owl:sameAs <>  optimisation, geo-spatial <>  and full-text search indexing
* supporting applications based on OWLIM, including cluster <>  configuration and maintenance.

Full course details are available here <> .


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