Journal of Web Semantics preprints, volume 17

Preprints from volume 17 of the Journal of Web Semantics are
available at and include two research papers
and two ontology papers.

  * Understanding Why Users Tag: A Survey of Tagging Motivation
    Literature and Results from an Empirical Study Research by
    Markus Strohmaier, Christian Körner and Roman Kern

  * Improving Semantic Web Services Discovery Using SPARQL-Based
    Repository Filtering by José María García, David Ruiz and
    Antonio Ruiz-Cortés

  * The SSN Ontology of the W3C Semantic Sensor Network Incubator
    Group by Michael Compton et al.

  * FaBiO and CiTO: ontologies for describing bibliographic
    resources and citations by Silvio Peroni and David Shotton

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