-ontop- v1.7-alpha2 (build 2178) for RDF(S)/OWL/SPARQL and RDBs is now available

We are happy to announce the availability of 

                -ontop- v1.7-alpha2 build 2178

a Java framework to query ontologies with mappings to databases.

If you are interested in virtual RDF graphs, R2RML mappings and/or RDFS/OWL2QL
reasoning, then -ontop- is for you. Our latests benchmarks show that -ontop-
is able to outperform similar systems (free or commercial) often by several
orders of magnitude. This is due to the techniques for query rewriting,
SPARQL-to-SQL and query optimization that the system implements, and that
allow it to answer SPARQL queries by translating them into one single, lean an
efficient SQL query that is executed in a single shot by your database, and
whose structure is such that can be planned and executed efficiently even by
open source databases.

With -ontop-, you don't need to move your data from your already efficient
database in order for you to enjoy the benefits of the RDF data model, the
SPARQL query language or RDF/OWL2QL inference. And there is no need for
expensive ETL or forward/backward chaining either.

-ontop- is work in progress, and it is still in alpha stage and has several
rough edges. However, given the number of currently stable features, and the
latests benchmark results, we think it might be interesting for you to give it
a test drive. The system is available for free at


Please, try it out and help us improve it by sending us your feedback.

The -ontop- development team

Received on Thursday, 7 February 2013 14:43:03 UTC