Re: Semantic Web Icon Set in development - Suggestions please! :)

It's a good idea to share some visual markup to have some common
visual markup in documents.
It could be great to have a vector version of the icons (typically an
SVG version) so, it becomes possible to get the icon in web pages and
other documents using several size. I suppose you do them with a
vector tool like Illustrator, so it will be easy to get the SVG

Jean-Claude Moissinac

2013/2/6 Sarven Capadisli <>:
> On 02/06/2013 06:04 PM, Konrad Abicht (k00ni) wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> i would like to announce a small project of mine about creating a useful
>> icon set for the Semantic Web world. The project is located on Github:
>> and in an early stage of
>> development. I want to make a request to you, the Semantic Web world,
>> what topics are not or not fully covered by the existing icons?
>> For the moment most of the images are for the topic of "structures"
>> (graph, subgraph, bipartite graph, ...) and "triple store" (SPARQL,
>> export and import triple, ...). I guess creating a basement in the near
>> futures makes sense, which means that there should be quite a lot of
>> icons representing basic methods, objects or cases. What still is
>> missing are basic things like file types (n3, ttl, rdf/xml) or triple
>> store related icons, to name but a few. After that it could be possible
>> to focus an particular cases, such as vocabulary related ones. The
>> target should be to give users the freedom to choose what fits best for
>> their needs.
>> If you are interested in this, it will be wonderful to hear your
>> suggestions or/and criticism. The project is not restricted to me only,
>> so if you would like to participate, feel free to create a pull request
>> on Github or send me an email and i will manually add your icon(s) +
>> credentials.
>> In the end, i hope this was the right please to publish such a request :)
>> Kinda regards
>> Konrad Abicht
> Hot!
> Thanks for contributing this. I will try to incorporate this in my work.
> This can easily get bloated but I think icons about the following would be
> cool:
> * a collection
> * a thing or a concept
> * inferred
> * retrieved
> * transformed
> * dataset
> * creator
> * valid from/until
> * broader/narrower
> * subClassOf
> * types of datasets (statistical, geographical, people, media,
> generic-meta..) or
> * some of the most popular Classes out there
> -Sarven

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