Semantic Web Icon Set in development - Suggestions please! :)

Hey guys,

i would like to announce a small project of mine about creating a useful 
icon set for the Semantic Web world. The project is located on Github: and in an early stage of 
development. I want to make a request to you, the Semantic Web world, 
what topics are not or not fully covered by the existing icons?

For the moment most of the images are for the topic of "structures" 
(graph, subgraph, bipartite graph, ...) and "triple store" (SPARQL, 
export and import triple, ...). I guess creating a basement in the near 
futures makes sense, which means that there should be quite a lot of 
icons representing basic methods, objects or cases. What still is 
missing are basic things like file types (n3, ttl, rdf/xml) or triple 
store related icons, to name but a few. After that it could be possible 
to focus an particular cases, such as vocabulary related ones. The 
target should be to give users the freedom to choose what fits best for 
their needs.

If you are interested in this, it will be wonderful to hear your 
suggestions or/and criticism. The project is not restricted to me only, 
so if you would like to participate, feel free to create a pull request 
on Github or send me an email and i will manually add your icon(s) + 

In the end, i hope this was the right please to publish such a request :)

Kinda regards
Konrad Abicht

Received on Wednesday, 6 February 2013 18:38:58 UTC