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Announcing OpenLink Virtuoso Open-Source Edition v6.1.8

From: Hugh Williams <hwilliams@openlinksw.com>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2013 02:05:39 +0000
Message-Id: <D63FF09C-2CCB-48B7-A210-436F7E71ACF1@openlinksw.com>
To: "semantic-web@w3.org Web" <semantic-web@w3.org>

OpenLink Software is pleased to announce the official release of Virtuoso Open-Source Edition, Version 6.1.8:

New product features as of December, 2013, V6.1.8, include:

 * Engine
   - Added new general-purpose HTTP auth procedure
   - Added support for handling MIME type aliases
   - Added support for the '-' operator for datetime data types
   - Fixed compiler warnings
   - Fixed checks on checkpoint stop/wait 
   - Fixed issue with checkpoint rollbacks and transaction scopes
   - Fixed issue with unsupported scalar expression type
   - Fixed issue with using tabid outside its scope
   - Fixed make remap if missing in compact
   - Fixed memory leak in JDBC driver

   - Optimizations in SPARQL compiler
   - Added support for PL-as-BIFs (built-in-functions) in SPARQL
   - Added support for SPARQL VALID()
   - Fixed embedded turtle parser
   - Fixed generation of foaf:topic relations for subject URIs in RDF documents
   - Fixed issue with OR and CONTAINS in same filter clause
   - Fixed issue with t_step in transitive query option
   - Fixed lexer for TRIG

 * Client RPC
   - Added extra rpc error handlers
   - Added more checks for array types
   - Added check for neg values
   - Fixed free regular boxes
   - Fixed double free of client session

 * Jena & Sesame
   - Improved speed of batch deletes
   - Removed unnessesary commits
   - Removed unnessesary check that graph exists after removal

 * Conductor (WebDAV Section)
   - Added automatic creation of shared DET folders
   - Added checkbox to enable overwriting of ODS endpoints
   - Added double click to open edit properties on item
   - Added error page for WebDAV/Briefcase skin
   - Added exception for the /conductor virtual path in WebDAV skin
   - Added new WebDAV attributes for "Date Added" distinct from "Date Created" 
   - Added new pages for managing graph level security
   - Added select option for realms and groups
   - Added automatic resource sort ordering that's maintained across sessions 
   - Fixed default editor view set to 'source' view for HTML content-type
   - Fixed default isolation level and charset
   - Fixed default mime type for created files to text/plain
   - Fixed encoding bug for non-english user names
   - Fixed encoding of selected items
   - Fixed inactive subtab on Linked Data | Graphs page
   - Fixed issues creating DET folders
   - Fixed issues editing HTML files
   - Fixed issues in 'Edit Properties'
   - Fixed issues opening Linked Data | Schemas tab
   - Fixed issues retrieving .TTL files from DynRes DET folders
   - Fixed issues swith DAV QoS re-write rule for text/html
   - Fixed issues Turtle content is checked at content save time
   - Fixed issues with default user/group in uploads
   - Fixed issues with editing resources using WebDAV skin
   - Fixed issues with editing text/html files
   - Fixed issues with owner and group for created items in WebDAV skin
   - Fixed issues with timeouts on verification IMAP DET folders

 * Faceted Browser
   - Added more navigation controls (using "Link:" based relations) to HTTP response headers
   - Fixed build issue running shell scripts
   - Fixed do not display error messages unless query parameter dbg=1
   - Fixed if bad encoding causes regexp to signal error, skip and do not alter text
   - Fixed omit graph= parameter from /describe property URL query string
   - Fixed sponging via /describe on https
   - Fixed include links to HTML5 based Pivot Viewer if installed
   - Fixed use the new fast label matching for lang pref if available

Other links:

Virtuoso Open Source Edition:
* Home Page: 
* Download Page: 
* GitHub:

OpenLink Data Spaces:
* Home Page: 
* SPARQL Usage Examples (re. SIOC, FOAF, AtomOWL, SKOS): 

OpenLink AJAX Toolkit (OAT):
* Project Page: 
* Live Demonstration: 
* Interactive SPARQL Demo: 

OpenLink Data Explorer (Firefox extension for RDF browsing):
* Home Page: 

Best Regards
Hugh Williams
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