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International Journal of Information Technology and Web Engineering (IJITWE)

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International Journal of Information Technology and Web Engineering (IJITWE)





** Mission of the International Journal of Information Technology and Web
Engineering (IJITWE): 


The main objective of the International Journal of Information Technology
and Web Engineering (IJITWE) is to publish refereed papers in the areas
covering information technology (IT) concepts, tools, methodologies, and
ethnography in the contexts of global communication systems and Web
engineered applications. In accordance with this emphasis on the Web and
communication systems, this journal publishes papers on IT research and
practice that support seamless end-to-end information and knowledge flow
among individuals, teams, and organizations. This end-to-end strategy for
research and practice requires emphasis on integrated research among the
various steps involved in data/knowledge (structured and unstructured)
capture (manual or automated), classification and clustering, storage,
analysis, synthesis, dissemination, display, consumption, and feedback. The
secondary objective is to assist in the evolving and maturing of
IT-dependent organizations, as well as individuals, in information and
knowledge based Web engineering frameworks, processes, applications,
integrated research, case studies, and platforms.


** Coverage of IJITWE:


Topics to be discussed in this journal include, but are not limited to, the

- Web systems architectures, including distributed grid computers and
communication systems processing 

- Web systems engineering design 

- Web systems performance engineering studies 

- Web user interfaces design, development, and usability engineering studies

- Information filtering and display adaptation techniques for wireless

- Integrated heterogeneous and homogeneous workflows and databases within
and across organizations, suppliers, and customers 

- Integrated user profiling, provisioning, and context-based processing 

- Knowledge structure, classification, and search algorithms or engines 

- Metrics-based performance measurement of IT-based, Web-based
organizations, and social networks. 

- Mobile, location-aware, and ubiquitous computing 

- Ontology and Semantic Web studies 

- Quality of service and service level agreement issues among integrated

- Radio frequency identification (RFID) research and applications in Web
engineered systems 

- Security, integrity, privacy, and policy issues 

- Software agent-based applications 

- Virtual teams and virtual enterprises: communication, policies, operation,
creativity, and innovation 

- Case studies validating Web-based IT solutions 

- Competitive/intelligent information systems 

- Data analytics for business and government organizations 

- Data and knowledge capture and quality issues 

- Data and knowledge validation and verification

- Web engineering platforms: networks and cloud computing, with related
application and security issues.

- Human factors and cultural impact of IT-based systems

- IT education and training 

- IT readiness and technology transfer studies 

- Strategies for linking business and IT requirements


** Instruction for Authors


Interested authors should consult the journal's manuscript submission
guidelines at www.igi-global.com/ijitwe


All inquiries and submissions should be sent to: 

- Founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief: Ghazi I. Alkhatib at alkhatib@orange.jo

- Co-Editor-in-Chief: Ernesto Damiani at ernesto.damiani@unimi.it





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