Hosting linked data with an apache web server

Dear lists,
We are currently looking to deploy a medium sized data set as linked data:

Solution 1: The easiest would actually be to have a script, that makes 
one RDF/XML file per subject URI. This would generate quite a lot of 
files (didn't count them yet), which we could simply move to an Apache 
web /var/www/ . The URIs would bluntly end on ".rdf" , e.g without HTML 
or content negotiation (both are not requirements for linked data, right?)

Solution 2: Optionally, the folder would contain an .htaccess for 
content negotiation and either an xsl template for rendering html or 
pre-rendered html files, so that:  redirect to
303 for RDF:
303 for HTML:

Here are my questions:
1. Is this feasible or best practice? I am not sure, how many files can 
be handled, efficiently by Apache.
2. Is there a conversion script, somewhere, that produces one RDF/XML 
file per subject URI?
3. Is there some generic XSL template for rendering RDF as HTML?
4. Alternatively, is there a script somewhere that converts RDF to a 
pre-rendered HTML representation?

It would be nice, if we were able to just give data owners the data, we 
converted for them,  as a zip file and say: please unzip in your 
/var/www to have linked data.

All the best,

Dipl. Inf. Sebastian Hellmann
Department of Computer Science, University of Leipzig
* (Leipzig, Sept. 23-24-25, 2012)
* (*Deadline: July 31st 2012*)
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