3rd CfP: IJSWIS Special Issue on Stream Reasoning ** abstract deadline approaching **

*** Call for Papers -- IJSWIS Special Issue on Stream Reasoning ***

The International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems seeks 
contributions to a Special Issue on Stream reasoning.

Editors: Emanuele Della Valle, Stefano Ceri, Frank van Harmelen

= Introduction =

We live in a “streaming world”. For an increasing number of modern Web 
applications, ranging from sensor networks to social media analysis, the 
assumption that the world is only evolving slowly no longer holds. The 
time has arrived for the Semantic Web community to pick up the work done 
on stream and complex event processing in the data base community. This 
special issue seeks to build upon a call in [1] to start investigating 
the abstractions, foundations, methods, and tools for Stream Reasoning – 
reasoning upon rapidly changing information. 

Several independent 
groups have picked up the agenda set in [1]. Several different forms of 
deductive and inductive Stream Reasoning have been investigated. The 
foundations have been established for reasoning “on the fly” on data 
streams while they pass by. Alternative abstractions for representing 
and querying semantic stream arose. The exploitation of the temporal 
order of data streams has been recognizing as a key optimization method 
for reasoning on streams. Parallelization and distribution techniques 
for Stream Reasoning have recently received also the attention they 

This IJSWIS special issue on Stream Reasoning aims at 
presenting new theory and and showcasing technical innovation for 
Semantic Web technologies that can process heterogeneous data streams in 
a knowledge-intensive environment. We solicit high quality, original 
research contributions on all aspects of Stream Reasoning, including but 
not limited to the following topics of interest, in order to capture the 
state of the art and to stimulate further developments in this and 
related areas.

= Topics of Interests =

• Theory
   ◦ Formalization of Stream Reasoning
   ◦ Notions of soundness and completeness
   ◦ Abstractions for modelling semantic streams
   ◦ Query languages for semantic streams (syntax and semantics)
• Stream Reasoning methods
   ◦ Incremental updates of deductive and inductive materializations
   ◦ Query rewriting techniques for ontology-base access to 
heterogeneous streams
   ◦ Combining semantic streams with massive data collections
   ◦ Inductive materialization of incomplete and noisy streams
   ◦ Usage and evolution of semantic models while processing data streams
• Distribution and parallelization of Stream Reasoning
   ◦ Scalability and high throughput issues
   ◦ Distribution techniques and load balancing
• Stream reasoning engineering
   ◦ Protocols for interconnecting distributed stream reasoners
   ◦ Interoperability of stream reasoners
   ◦ Reliability and adaptability
   ◦ Benchmarks
• Applications of stream reasoning
   ◦ Sensor Networks
   ◦ Social Media
   ◦ Situation awareness

= Submissions Process =

Please submit abstracts and papers at 
https://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=ijswissr2012. After 
submitting the paper, please also inform the guest editors by email, 
indicating the paper ID assigned by the submission system. Papers must 
be of high quality and should clearly state the technical issue(s) being 
addressed as related to Stream Reasoning. Research papers should present 
a proof of concept for any novel technique they are proposing. Wherever 
possible, submissions should demonstrate the contribution of the 
research by reporting on a systematic evaluation of the work. If a 
submission is based on a prior publication in a workshop or conference, 
the journal submission must involve substantial advance (a minimum of 
30%) in conceptual terms as well as in exposition (e.g., more 
comprehensive testing/evaluation/validation or additional 
applications/usage). If this applies to your submission, please 
explicitly mention relevant previous publications along with the value 
addition in the extended manuscript being submitted.

All papers must be 
submitted by June 15, 2012. The recommended length of submitted papers 
is around 8,000 words (Editors may allow longer papers if necessary). 
All papers are subject to peer review performed by at least three 
established researchers drawn from a panel of experts selected for this 
special issue. Accepted papers will undergo for a second cycle of 
revision and reviewer feedback. Please submit manuscripts as a PDF file 
using the online submission system.

IJSWIS is the first Semantic Web 
journal to be included in the Thomson Scientific (formerly ISI) citation 
index, is one of the highly cited journals in WWW (http://bit.ly/www-j1) 
and is included in all major indices; see http://www.ijswis.org.

= Important Dates =
• Abstract Submission: 30th September 2012
• Submission Deadline: 31th October 2012
• Notifications: 15st December 2012
• Camera-ready papers due: 1st February 2012
• Publication: First quarter of 2013

Emanuele Della Valle
Politecnico di Milano

Received on Tuesday, 18 September 2012 09:14:43 UTC