Re: Deserted Island Sem Web reading list

thanks for the v interesting thread

a very good characterization of how humanity is being polarized

on the one hand, the smart, connected, technowise elites (in some cases
possibly paid for by public money) who cannot  envisage how everyone else
can be  so behind ,

I travel a lot, in remote regions and countries, and happen to witness on a
daily basis the #real world# (aka, not in the IT lab)
I am in the desert island more often than not,
however, Mike -
me thinks that pressure should be made to put people online, to make
internet and free computers available

delivering the resources offline may well be a great idea, but its temporary
things change too fast, and  people will always stay behind if they are not
and do not ride the wave of things that evolve in real time
EU, governments should fund internet and equipment and learning of new
technologies as a free public service, available to anyone wishing to
learn,  perhaps, rather than only sponsoring the development of a few
rocket scientists  :-)
offline is acceptable , provided it is a short term temporary measure
because things can happen online in real time and we dont want only a few
connected few to be able to participate in them
the other great barrier, I find , is language
lots of stuff being done, including the SW, is in English

governments should provide to all the opportunity to learn English and get
end of rant


On Thu, Sep 13, 2012 at 4:28 PM, Mike  Dupont <> wrote:
> I agree,
> we need such a package for kosovo/albania. We need to deliver the
> in an offline format. they need to be open so that they can be translated.
> No company will ever pay to translate to Albanian, there is no market.
> mike
> On Thu, Sep 13, 2012 at 5:17 PM, ProjectParadigm-ICT-Program
> <> wrote:
>> The deserted island (in the global IT infrastructure) is the metaphor for
>> exactly a place for which "access to internet AND academic publications
in a
>> library AND science journals in a library AND off-the-shelf paperbacks
>> online vendors" does not apply.
>> And unfortunately the poor souls in exactly such a predicament cannot get
>> a raft to leave.
>> This is the fate of billions of people around the world in terms of the
>> available IT infrastructure to them.
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