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True! Isn't Elsevier doing something similar? Or am I conflating the two?

STM publishers are always ahead of the curve. :)

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Yes, although note Wolters Kluwer’s involvement in LOD2 project:

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Experiencing something similar in book publishing - basic conception, as well as perception of the value prop, really depends on the publisher. Some academic publishers are wholly against the idea because they feel it threatens book sales. Others (such as O'Reilly) are embracing it, though it's not implemented yet. Trade publishers are right out.

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I've created a poll oriented towards capturing data about issues that folks find most challenging re., Linked Data Adoption.

Please cast your vote as the results will be useful to all Linked Data stakeholders.

Link: .

I put "other" and "fragmented ecosystem" as the comment.

The academic world seems to be a system in its own right.  And if you're not an academic, the projects can seem remote and disjointed.

There are quite a few businesses out there but tend to work on their own thing.

The Gov stuff is also a system in its own right.

If you're just grass roots, especially if you dont or cant afford to attend conferences, the whole thing can seem a bit of a maze.

I do love things like open mailing lists and IRC channels such as #swig, the w3c wiki, and community groups, or even channels such as google+ have recently starting improving things.

But I always get the feeling that groups, with similar goals, are operating in relative isolation.

Certainly there is progress in this direction, but the dream of the semantic web to allow rich collaboration (with tight feedback loops), and a feeling of all pulling in the same direction seems not yet to be 100% realized ...

Just a $0.02



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