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unfortunately, the timing of this publication is misleading. Indeed, the constraint document is one in a group of four recommendations-to-be, but the other three have already been in Last Call for a while. It just completes the picture (and the blog may not have made this very clear).

gives information on the other three documents (from July). The Primer document from the WG:

is, in fact, (at least for me) the entry point into this.

Compared to the other three documents and the primer the constraint document is indeed very theoretical and addresses the needs of a much smaller community. Maybe that should have been emphasized more in the announcement. 

For RDFicians the two documents one would start with is the primer and the vocabulary itself:

with, possibly, keeping an eye on the more abstract data model in case some details are not clear:

Maybe Paul and/or Luc have something more to add...




On Sep 13, 2012, at 22:55 , Giovanni Tummarello wrote:

> Ivan,
> with the due respect doesnt it feel a bit too much old school
> logician/reasonericians stuff again?
> I believe it would be in w3c interest to make sure that any new
> 'semantic standards' document is preambled prominently with a very
> clear summary and one or more real world use cases it addresses or
> that caused it to become a standard.
> Gio
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>> If you want to know more about the Provenance Constraint document:
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