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"Practical RDF" is also a great book - even if you're not going in for details on RDF itself, in the earlier chapters Shelley Powers explains the structure and theory behind the semantic web very well.

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I have the feeling that if you are on a deserted island, the Semantic
Web might not be the most urgent topic to learn about.

My suggestion would be to take some books that teach you how to build
and navigate a raft, return to a place with a reasonable internet
connection, and learn by building applications using data found in the
LOD cloud.
Once you are there, "Programming the Semantic Web", "Learning SPARQL",
"A Semantic Web Primer", "Foundations of Semantic Web Technologies",
"About Face 3" should amount to a good start.


2012/9/12 ProjectParadigm-ICT-Program <<>>:
We are working on creating shortlists of books that are recommended for
mastering complex issues in ICT for development (ICT4DEV).

Because access to internet AND academic publications in a library AND
science journals in a library AND off-the-shelf paperbacks via online
vendors is a luxury only the USA, the European Union and a select group of
other countries have to offer to its citizens I am asking the input of the
list subscribers on the Ultimate List for Semantic Web and Linked Data for a
deserted island. Only ten (10) titles are allowed.

These ten books must cover all issues related to and/or relevant to linked
data and the semantic web.

Recommendations and additional pointers are welcome. If we can do with less
than 10 books I'd like to hear, if more than 10 are absolutely in order,

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