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FuXi 1.4 release

From: Chimezie <chimezie@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2012 08:06:15 -0700 (PDT)
To: fuxi-discussion@googlegroups.com
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My apologies for the cross-posting.

FuXi has been updated to version 1.4 after a series of recent updates and 
some older ones going back almost a year.  The latest version is available 
either via easy_install or by compiling the source.  See [1] 

The detailed change log is below, however the major changes include: 
support for the SPARQL 1.1 (Simple) RIF Core Entailment Regime [2], A RIF 
in RDF and RIF XML parser for RIF Core documents [3], command-line support 
for RIF core documents (--ruleFormat option), user-specified rule 
prioritization, and fixing support of reasoning about predicates that are 
both in the source RDF graph and that are derived by rules ('hybrid 

In addition, via the use of many of the RIF RDF and OWL Compatibility 
embeddings [4], it gets through about 70% of the SPARQL 1.1 Entailment 
Regime tests involving the RDF, RIF, RDFS, and OWL Entailment with 
RDF-Based Semantics entailment regimes.

The wikis have been updated to reflect these changes and the RIF Core 
parser includes a RIF Core XML to RIF in RDF XSL transform [5].

Please report any issue to the fuxi-discussion google group 

Detailed Changes

- Added infrastructure for recognizing and setting up SPARQL 1.1 RIF 
entailment (supporting RIF XML or RIF in RDF in the dataset)
- Removed deprecated decisionProcedure keyword parameter from 
- Fixed handling of hybrid predicates (rules and query are changed *before* 
- fixed return of boolean results for ground queries by BFP method
- Fixed BGP entailment evaluation handling of heterogeneous triple patterns 
(some grounded, others not)
- Fixed variable mapping issue when calling GoalSolution action (when the 
BFP triggers a p-node associated with a goal and stores the solutions for 
later retrieval)
- Fixed variable bindings passed over from max conjunctive query (passes 
all not just those needed by rule head)
- Added GetELHConsequenceProcedureRules in FuXi.DLP.CompletionReasoning 
which returns the (normalized) completion rules for OWL 2 EL reasoning
- Fixed adornment of rules and how it assures adorned literals are only 
processed once
- Fixes to adding triple to alpha network
- added slice operation to And (conjunction of literals)
- added RIF in RDF and RIF XML (via XSL transform to RIF in RDF) parser: 
- fixed production of SIP graph when body is an And
- fixed raising exception when sip cannot be found (query can't be answered 
by rules, for example)
- fixed collection of solutions for goal during BFP
- fixed enumeration of variables while creating SPARQL queries to dispatch 
directly against the EDB
- dispatch of conjunctive queries to EDB as SPARQL query now properly 
include namespace declarations and expands URIs that previously relied on 
- added herbrand_hash to positional terms (ignores variables)
- added --ruleFormat to FuXi command-lined (when given 'rif', rules can be 
parsed from RIF XML or RIF in RDF) 
- added told BNode handling callback
- fixed (for hybrid predicates) the creation of: evaluate(ruleNo,j+1,X) :- 
evaluate(ruleNo,j,X), bodyLiteral
- Fixed generation of EDB queries to ignore any adorned predicates
- fix for  Issue 52  (Cannot import OWL from rdflib)
- fixed LloydToporTransformation so the following transformations work as
    H :- (B v B0) -> { H :- B, H :- B0 }
- added fix to handle existentials (bnodes) in the head of a rule
- added replace to Property classes (InfixOWL)
- added helper function for Horn / RIF syntax (Horn Clause syntax)
- Fixed memorization of conjunctive query
- updated query execution action to take information about the free 
variables in the head of the rule (to help properly evaluate ground queries 
with intermediate variables that are not returned)
- Fixed cloning of tokens that are components of conjunctive base query
- meta-intepreter keeps track of hybrid predicate rules (in order to sort 
- fixed handling of conjunctive base queries: continuation rules are now 
added to set of meta rules
- in debug mode, meta rules are printed out in evaluation order
- Rete network can now take rule prioritizer and alpha node prioritizer 
functions that determine the order to evaluate the consequent literals and 
the order to evaluate alpha nodes

-- Chime Ogbuji

[1] http://code.google.com/p/fuxi/wiki/Installation_Testing 
[3] http://code.google.com/p/fuxi/wiki/FuXiUserManual#Parsing_RIF_Core
[4] http://www.w3.org/TR/rif-rdf-owl/#Appendix:_Embeddings_.28Informative.29
[5] http://fuxi.googlecode.com/hg/lib/Horn/rif-core-rdf.xsl
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