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WIMS 2013 Call for Workshop Proposals

From: Rajendra Akerkar <rak@vestforsk.no>
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2012 14:20:25 +0100
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========= Our apologies for possible cross-postings =========

 Dear Colleagues,

 Please consider the 3d International Conference on Web Intelligence,
Mining and Semantics (WIMS 2013) as a venue for your workshop.

 The call for workshop proposals is appended. Submission deadline is
November the 30-th, 2013.


 Vadim Ermolayev, Marko Grobelnik

 ============ CALL for WORKSHOP Proposals =========

3d International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics (WIMS
 12-14 June, 2013, Madrid, Spain
 Hosted by: Autonomous University of Madrid

 The 3d issue of WIMS is intended to foster the dissemination of the
state-of-the-art research in the areas of Web intelligence, Web mining, Web
semantics with a particular emphasis on the fundamental interaction between
these vibrant fields of research and development. In particular, but not
limited to, the conference invites submissions in:
 * Semantics-driven Information Retrieval
 * Semantic Agent Systems
 * Semantic Data Search
 * Interaction Paradigms for Semantic Search
 * Evaluation of Semantic Search
 * Linked Data Applications and Architectures
 * User Interfaces for the Web of Data
 * Web Mining
 * Reasoning and Learning
 * Ubiquitous Intelligence
 * Semantic Deep Web
 * Intelligent e-Technology and Semantic Web
 * Quality of Life Technology for Web Document Access
 * Representation techniques for Web-based knowledge
 * Rule markup languages and systems
 * Semantic 3D media and content
 * Scalability vs. expressivity of reasoning on the Web

 Besides the main technical program, WIMS 2013 will host a number of
workshops on the topics broadly related to the theme of the conference. The
role of the workshops is to provide a forum for an intensive and focused
scientific exchange amongst researchers and practitioners interested in a
particular topic and a meeting venue for the community.

 Workshop Proposals

 Workshops should provide forums for discussion among researchers and
practitioners on focused topics or emerging research areas. Organizers may
structure workshops as they see fit, possibly including invited talks,
panel discussions, presentations of work in progress, peer-reviewed papers,
or some combination. A workshop could be scheduled for a half a day or a
full day, depending on potential interest and organizers preference.
Organizers should design workshops for approximately 10-30 participants to
balance impact and effective discussion.
 In order to meet these goals, workshops should address topics that satisfy
the following criteria:
 * The topic falls in the general scope of WIMS 2013  please see above
 * There is a clear focus on a specific theme, technology, problem, or
 * There is a sufficiently large audience interested in the topic

 Proposers of accepted workshops have to prepare a workshop webpage
containing a call for papers and detailed information about the workshop
organization and timelines. The organizers of successful workshops will be
responsible for:
 * Their own reviewing process
 * Publicity (e.g., website, etc.)

 By default it is assumed that the papers accepted by WIMS Workshops will
be published in the WIMS 2013 proceedings and disseminated through the ACM
Digital Library. It is also acceptable if the organizers prefer to publish
their proceedings separately. In the latter case it is appreciated that the
proposal informs about the intended publisher.
 Selected extended papers may be invited to appear in special issues of
international scientific journals in the respective fields.
 Workshop organizers will be required to closely cooperate with the WIMS
2013 Workshops co-chairs and local organizers to provide their
contributions for the proceedings on time, coordinate all organization
details, and ensure a successful satellite event at WIMS.

 Proposal Submissions

 Workshop proposals in PDF or plain text must be submitted by e-mail to the
WIMS 2013 Workshops co-chair Vadim Ermolayev at vadim@ermolayev.com and
should include:
 * The name and acronym of the workshop
 * The intended duration of the workshop (half day, full day, etc.)
 * A 150 word abstract
 * The description (0.5-1 page) of the theme of the workshop covering its
aims and scope
 * The description (one paragraph) of the relation between the theme of the
workshop and of WIMS 2013
 * The list of topics of interest
 * The names, affiliations, e-mail, and postal addresses of the organizers
and preferably of a significant part of the program committee
 * The estimation of potential interest to the workshop theme and the
number of submissions
 * The information about previous offerings of the workshop (if any),
including the attendance, the numbers of papers or presentations submitted
and accepted, and the links to the corresponding websites
 * The publicity plan for attracting submissions and attendees
 * Important dates
 * If applicable, the intended publisher for the workshop proceedings

 Due to publication deadlines, workshops must operate roughly within the
timeline given below.

 Important Dates

 * 30.11.2012  submission of Workshop proposals
 * 08.12.2012  notification about acceptance of Workshop proposals
 * 07.02.2013  Workshop papers submission deadline
 * 10.03.2013  notification of acceptance for Workshop papers
 * 30.03.2013  submission of camera ready versions of accepted Workshop
 * 12-14.06.2013  conference days


 Any inqueries regarding WIMS 2013 workshop proposals should be addressed
to the workshops co-chairs by e-mail:
 * Vadim Ermolayev: vadim@ermolayev.com
 * Marko Grobelnik: marko.grobelnik@ijs.si

 The questions about registration and fees should be addressed to the
General Chair of WIMS 2013:
 * David Camacho: david.camacho@uam.es
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